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What’s Included

Accelerate the pace of learning, discovery and research in business process improvement with ProcessModel academic software. Our software packages are powerful and affordable. We cater to the needs of academic institutions throughout the world by providing them academic software. Process Model offers a complete package to faculty members teaching simulation.

A commercial version to the faculty for teaching and research is offered by Professor versions. The Lab version provides an economical method for many students to have access to full commercial versions of ProcessModel. Student versions offer the ability for the pupil to load a personal version of ProcessModel on their own computer for self study and projects away from the class.

  • Process Design Engine

  • Live Animation

  • SimRunner Optimization

  • Stat::Fit

  • Model Objects

  • Professional Version

  • Action Logic Builder

  • What-if Scenarios

  • Hotspot Evaluator

  • No Object Limit

ProcessModel Student Package