Lesson 1: Your First Model

Lesson 1: Your First Model

Overview of Modeling with ProcessModel video tutorial
How to Use the Interface video tutorial

Operating Parameters and Requirements

In our first lesson, we will model a small call center. The objective of this lesson is to find the appropriate staffing level for a given call volume. We will be modifying the model itself, as well as changing some parameters to reach the objective.

Help desk staff (Level 1 resource) make $15/hr while support staff (Level 2 resource) make $18/hr.

75% of the calls taken can be resolved over the phone within the first 2 minutes. Once the question is answered, the call exits the system. But the remaining 25% of calls are more difficult and require additional research. The research function takes 20 minutes to complete. Following the research, the call must be returned to the customer. This call back takes 3 minutes.

New calls come into the call center every 5 minutes. Management has determined that the average customer with a difficult issue should not wait more than 60 minutes to receive a callback.

Open the Model

Download Lesson 1 – Call Center model here.