Surgical Suite Hold for Cleaning

When you need to hold the capacity of a room until it has been cleaned and setup for the next procedure. The setup is done post operation for every entity that has a procedure.

This object is designed to handle a single Pre Op / Phase II servicing a single type of Procedure Room. The model object could easily be adjusted to handle multiple patient streams requiring unique rooms.

Surgical Suite - Hold for Cleaning model image

Where to Find the Model Object

The following model object can be found in the model objects directory:

  • Misc \ Surgical Suite Hold for Cleaning

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Moderate
  • Ease of Modification: Moderate

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model: Open your model or create a new blank model.
  2. Insert the Model Object into Your Model
    1. Locate the model object Surgical Suite Hold for Cleaning and select the insert button.
    2. Move the cursor to the point of insertion and left mouse-click. The upper left corner of the model object will be inserted at the location of the mouse-click.
  3. Update Objects
    1. Move the model object so that is positioned appropriately to match with your model.
    2. In the action logic of PreOp / Recovery change the Pre Op Time and the Recovery time.update time for pre-op in Surgical Suite
    3. Change the Perform Surgery Time.change perform surgery time in Surgical Suite
    4. Change the Clean Surgical Suite Time.update time in clean surgical in Surgical Suite
    5. Change the Release Patient and Clean PreOp /Recovery Room Time.update time on Release Patient in Surgical Suite
  4. Define Values: Define the values for scenario parameters s_NumPreOp_Rooms, s_NumP_Rooms, s_Num_Janitorial based on the information provided under the heading Scenario Parameters below. The values for these Scenario Parameters must be provided before the simulation start.update scenarios in Surgical Suite
  5. Completion: The model object is now integrated into your model, you should now be able to save and then simulate the model.

Controls Usage


  1. a_Procedure_Complete: Do not change. Keeps track the patients visits to the Pre Op / Phase II recover so that the proper logic and time can be triggered. This same attribute is also used to direct the patient to go to the procedure or leave the model.


  1. v_PreO_Recovery_Count: Do not change. Keeps track of the number of patients in the system so that patients will be forced to stay in the Waiting Room if the combined number in the Pre Op and Procedure patients could cause a grid lock.
  2. v_Proc_Room_Count: Do not change. Provides a count of the number of rooms available for use after cleaning is completed.

Scenario Parameters:

  1. s_NumPreOp_Rooms: User input required. Sets the number of Pre Op / Phase II recovery rooms and sets the associated capacity of the activity.
  2. s_NumP_Rooms: User input required. Sets the number of Procedure Rooms and the associated capacities of the activity Procedure rooms and Cleaning Rooms.
  3. s_Num_Janitorial: User input required. Sets the number of resources used to clean Procedure/Surgery Rooms and Pre Op/Recovery Rooms.
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