Resource Usage Calculator

Most shifts are decided based on employee preference, rather than customer needs. This tutorial shows you how to uncover the actual resource staffing needs to determine better resource schedules. You will see the quantity of a resource or resources required during each period of the day.

Resource Usage Calculator

Where to Find the Model Object

The Model Object “Resource Usage Calculator” calculates the resource usage over time and resides in the Resources category of model objects. ‘Insert’ the Model Object into your model and follow the instructions below.

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Ease of Modification: Moderate

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open the ‘Attributes, Variables & Scenarios’ window (Insert \ Attributes, Variables & Scenarios) and goto the ‘Scenario Parameters’ tab.
    1. Define the value for ‘s_LengthOfAveragingPeriod’ or leave at default. The Averaging Period defines the minutes between recording the number of resources needed (usually 30, 60 or 120 minutes).
    2. Define the value for ‘s_SecondsBetweenSamples’ or leave at default. Provides a method to change the frequency of the samples. A smaller number means that samples will be taken more often but will slow the simulation.
    3. Define the values for ‘s_ResName1-5’. Enter the name of the resource you want to track in the default value field. All s_ResName1-5  should have a valid resource name declared, if you do not have five valid resources, you can change the names of the rest to any of the valid resources in your model.
      Attributes Window Resources Renamed
    4. Define the values for ‘s_ResMaxQty1’. Enter the maximum quantity of resources needed at any time during the day. Estimate high if you are unsure.
      1. Copy the scenario parameter (s_ResMaxQty#) to the Quantity field of the resource.
        Resource Quantity
      2. Copy the scenario parameter (s_ResMaxQty#) to the Capacity field of the Activity using the resource. Add the scenario parameter to each activity that uses the resources.
        Activity Quantity
  2. Simulate your model.



Outputs Available

The following steps will help you reach the resource usage results.

  1. Open the Output Report (View \ Output Report) Output Report Icon.
  2. Click the second Excel icon to export variable data and then click ‘Save.’ Export Variable Button Highlighted
    1. Do not rename the report.
    2. Save the report in the same folder as the model.
  3. Choose all the variables ‘v_AveResInUse#’ based on the resources you want to review usage of (the values align to s_ResName#) and click ‘Export.’