Display Variable

When you need to create a visual display of variable values in your model during simulation. Create an easy method to debug logic by displaying variable values during a simulation run, and a single place where KPI’s can be displayed.

Display Variable model image

Where to Find the Model Object

The following model object can be found in the model objects directory:

  1. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable – One
  2. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable – Five
  3. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable – Ten
  4. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable B – One
  5. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable B – Five
  6. Visual Indicator \ Display Variable B – Ten

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Ease of Modification: Easy

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model: Open your model or create a new blank model.
  2. Insert the Model Object into Your Model
    1. Locate the model object Display Variable – # and select the insert button.
    2. Move the cursor to the point of insertion and left mouse-click. The upper left corner of the model object will be inserted at the location of the mouse-click.
  3. Update Objects
    1. Double click on the label name to change the label name.change label in Display Variable
    2. Double click the label to edit the text.change label in Display Variable
    3. Use the properties dialog to select the variable you wish to display at this position from the name drop down.change var value in Display Variable
    4. Remove the temporary variables, v_Test1 – 5 after you have replaced them with your own.

      If you need less variables to display than the quantity provided, simply delete variable displays. Start at the bottom and delete the box and then the label for each variable.

      The variables (v_Test1 – 5) declared in this model are temporary variables, and should be removed (using Insert \ Attributes & Variables) once the model object is copied into your model.

  4. Completion: The model object is now integrated into your model, you should now be able to save and then simulate the model.
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