Discharge Windows

When you need to allow the user to specify the percentage of patients that would discharge from a unit during time periods of the day (for example 30% between 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 40% between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM and 30% between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM). This allows the testing of changes to the discharge policy. It also allows the user to specify unit transfer windows. The same model object could be modified to test the effect of transfer policy by time windows for transferring patients from unit to unit.

This model object can be used to take the current length of stay and adjusting the discharge time windows for patients. For example a hospital could test a policy that all discharges for the day needed to occur before 11:00 AM or 80% needed to occur before 11:00 AM and the remaining percentage before 3:00 PM.

Discharge Windows model image

Where to Find the Model Object

The following model object can be found in the model objects directory:

  • Inpatient \ Discharge Windows

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Moderate
  • Ease of Modification: Moderate

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model: Open your model or create a new blank model.
  2. Insert the Model Object into Your Model
    1. Locate the model object Discharge Windows and select the insert button.
    2. Move the cursor to the point of insertion and left mouse-click. The upper left corner of the model object will be inserted at the location of the mouse-click.
  3. Copy Action Logic
    1. Copy the Action Logic from Example Unit Med Surge into activities in your model that require discharge windows.copy logic in Discharge Windows
  4. Define Values
    1. Define the value for scenario parameter s_DischargeWindow for the desired discharge windows needed. To learn more about the scenario parameter review the heading Scenario Parameters below. Currently the model object is set to discharge 30% during 8 AM – 11 AM, 40% during 11 AM – 2 PM and 30% during 2PM – 6 PM (D3(30,U(9.5,1.5),40,U(12.5,1.5),30,U(16,2)))The value must be provided before simulating the model.change scenario parameter in Discharge Windows
  5. Move Objects
    1. Delete Example Unit Med Surge after you have copied the action logic to desired activities.
    2. Move Trigger entity and the activity Decimal Hours Left in the Day Counter to another appropriate layer. This is not part of the process and will usually be hidden.moving triggers in Discharge Windows
  6. Completion: The model object is now integrated into your model, you should now be able to save and then simulate the model.

Controls Usage


  1. a_Next_Time: The length of say for the patient.


  1. v_TimeLeftDay: Tracks the time left in the day in tenths of an hour.

Scenario Parameters:

  1. s_DischargeWindow: Defines the time from the beginning of the day until the patient is discharged. This can be set to a distribution.
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