Alternating Entities

When you want entities entering an activity from different locations to alternate (take turns).

Alternating Entities model image

Where to Find the Model Object

The following model object can be found in the model objects directory:

  • Flow Control \ Alternating Entities

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Ease of Modification: Easy

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model: Open your model or create a new blank model.
  2. Insert the Model Object into Your Model
    1. Locate the model object Alternating Entities and select the insert button.
    2. Move the cursor to the point of insertion and left mouse-click. The upper left corner of the model object will be inserted at the location of the mouse-click.
  3. Connect to Your Model
    1. Connect the left end of each route to the location in your model for each source of entities.connect from Alternating Entities
    2. Connect the right end of each route to the location where you want the alternating entities to be Alternating Entities This model object uses gates to control which entity is allowed to move forward. Each entity will alternate because of the action logic in each entry route into the activity.gates in Alternating Entities
  4. Completion: The model object is now integrated into your model, you should now be able to save and then simulate the model.

Controls Usage


  1. v_Gate1: The gate controlling when the ITEM entity can enter, 1 = ok to enter.
  2. v_Gate2: The gate controlling when the ITEM2 entity can enter, 1 = ok to enter.
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