Graphics Do Not Show During Simulation

When simulating a model, the graphics do not show up during simulation. Answer: The reason for the situation can be that the .glb file that is contained within the .SPG is missing some information, in order to regenerate the .glb file follow the instructions below. Move any object in your model for one pixel, or more. [...]

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Prompt: Server Busy

A "Server Busy" prompt may be received in any of the following cases: An object is added to the layout window. When a model is saved. When a model is simulated. Server BusyThis action cannot be completed because the otherprogram is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate thebusy program and correct the problem. Reason: [...]

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Lognormal Conversion From Stat::Fit

When I generate a lognormal distribution in Stat::Fit it has 3 parameters. But when I copy and paste it to ProcessModel it only has 2. What do the parameters mean? Answer: For the Lognormal distribution, Stat::Fit uses the parameters [min, mu, sigma] where min is the offset from 0, and mu, sigma are the mean and standard [...]

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Prompt: Arrival failures due to insufficient capacity

After the model has simulated the following prompt is displayed. Simulation Complete, Do you want to see the results? (NOTE: There were entity arrival failures due to insufficient capacity) Reason: Entity arrivals were scheduled to arrive. But because of limited capacity at the arrival location, they could not enter the model. Solution: Make sure [...]

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Resource Remains Available After a Shift Ends

Why does my resource remain “on shift” even after the shift ends? If a break is defined at the end of the shift, the end of break signal occurs -after- the end of shift signal. Therefore, the shift ends, but the resource is put back on shift when returning from the break. Since the end of shift [...]

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Sequence of Processing

What is the sequence of processing events as entities arrive at and leave activities, and route between activities? At an Activity Any batching function before an activity Get connected resources (Get or Get & Free) Attach child entities Perform action logic in the Action tab Perform processing time in the General tab Perform activity cost [...]

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