Graphics Do Not Show During Simulation

When simulating a model, the graphics do not show up during simulation. Answer: The reason for the situation can be that the .glb file that is contained within the .SPG is missing some information, in order to regenerate the .glb file follow the instructions below. Move any object in your model for one pixel, or more. [...]

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Prompt: Run-Time Error (Graphic ID)

A run-time error is received during the simulation start saying "Run-Time Error (Graphic ID *#* In GRAPHIC statement exceeds the number of defined graphics.)." Reason: The reason for this happening is when a user adds the NEWGRAPHIC() Action Logic at the Arrival Route. Solution: Please remove the NEWGRAPHIC() Action Logic from the arrival route and place it [...]

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Gallery Disappears

Using the temporary minimize arrow allows the gallery to be restored quickly. When the gallery disappears it is usually the result of one of two actions. Closing the gallery (rather than minimizing). Dragging the title bar of the gallery outside the borders of the ProcessModel window (accidentally or intentionally). Solution: If the gallery has [...]

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Graphic Misalignment During Simulation

When I simulate my model I notice graphic misalignment, the moving entities don't line up with the routing lines. This could occur for two different reasons. The model was originally saved using video setting which were different than the current settings. This may occur if the model was saved on a different computer, or if your computer [...]

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Finding Graphic ID Numbers

There is no way to display the actual graphic ID number of an entity. It must be calculated. A brief explanation will be needed for this process. Each shape (entity, activity, storage, etc.) on the screen has an ID number associated with it which is assigned in the order in which the shape is placed [...]

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