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The Cement that Holds a Process Improvement Project Together.

content management with processmanagerThrough ProcessManager’s content management system, ProcessModel provides a convenient, secure, online tool for tracking, saving and storing all process improvement related documentation for your company. With ProcessManager store, manage, approve or reject documents with automated email notifications.

Content management is controlled by easy-to-setup access and permission structures.  Simple setup with robust workflow assures the correct people are included in the approvals process. Comments made at any stage of the approval process are provided back to the author for correction and re-approval. An audit trail documents a complete revision history of all changes, when the changes were made and who made the changes. Documents can even be given an expiration and all interested parties will be notified of pending actions required. ProcessManager fulfills the documentation requirements of ISO 9000-2008. All of this means quicker completion of projects and crystal clear communications for process improvement.

Set a course, stay on course, and finish  with Process Manager.

ProcessManger, comes as a part of the ProcessModel subscription. If you are already subscribed to ProcessModel contact us to activate your subscription.

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