What is Optimization?

Optimization performs experiments to find better ways to achieve the results you desire. Typically, most people use simulation tools to predict and improve system performance or to establish the relationships between various system elements. By modeling the actual facility or process, you can conduct what-if analyses to determine the best way to improve system performance—this is optimization.

In ProcessModel, optimization is provided through the tool called SimRunner. With each optimization project, SimRunner runs sophisticated optimization algorithms on your model to help you optimize multiple factors simultaneously. Each project requires a validated model, a standard by which to measure system performance (an objective function), and a group of factors that SimRunner may change to improve system performance.

What is an Objective Function?

An expression used to quantitatively evaluate a simulation model’s performance. By measuring various performance characteristics and weighting them, an objective function is a single measure of how well a system performs. SimRunner allows you to include many different performance characteristics in one objective function. For example, if you want an objective function to include a measure of total entities processed and resource utilization you could measure how well a certain simulation scenario ran by measuring Z , where: Z = (Total Processed)