Why am I getting “Open Failure” and “Error 22”?

open error while saving

This is a miscommunication between the Mac side and the Windows side, where the model is saved to a directory on a Mac that is saving the files to the cloud, and removes it from the computer to save space.

Please follow the steps below:
  1. Start ProcessModel using the Windows Start menu (not by clicking on the model)
  2. Once ProcessModel is open: Click the open icon processmodel open button, or click File \ Open
  3. Find the file you need to open
  4. Select the file, click Open.

For Mac computers, please make sure that you open you models using the steps above.

Can’t Save File?
  1. The model needs to be saved, and simulated from within a Windows folder. As from the message, the model is currently saved on the Mac side of the computer.
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