What is a Storage?

Storages are waiting areas, stock places, etc. where entities can wait for further processing. Storages are useful when controlling the order in which entities are allowed to move on through the model. Since an activity provides the option to have a built-in input and output queue, a storage is for visual purposes or to model special queuing conditions such as multiple activities sharing a common input queue.

Explaining Storages


General tab on properties dialog for storage

Name The name of the storage (e.g. StockRoom ).

Capacity The maximum number of entities that can occupy this storage (1 – 999,999). Scenario Paramenters may also be used in this field.

Queuing order The order in which entities are queued to leave the storage: none, first-in first-out, last-in first-out.

None Entities that have completed their Action Logic are free to process any routing logic independent from other entities that have finished their Action Logic. Will process FIFO if no other routing requirements are enforced (i.e. Conditional Routes, Get with a priority, etc.).

First In, First Out (FIFO) — The first entity completing its Action Logic must be routed first.

Last In, First Out (LIFO) — The last entity completing its Action Logic must be routed first.

Object Type Allows the type of object to be changed from Storage to something else.


Action tab on properties dialog for storage

Action Develop customized behavior for entities at an storage. Logic can be developed to report statistics, control processing, collect information and a host of other items. Variables, entity attributes, systems information and if-then statements allow expansive capabilities to be accessed from the action tab. For additional information see Action Logic.

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