How can I Compare Different Models on the Same Output Report?

You can compare multiple models on the same report. Why would you need to compare different models? Can’t you just make changes with scenario parameters? Unfortunately, you can’t make all model changes with scenarios. For example, you will need to save the model under a new name if you are changing any of the following:

  • Adding, modifying, or deleting shifts.
  • Changing resource assignments.
  • Changing the process.

Comparing Different Models

The following instructions will help compare two models:

1. Simulate both the models that you need to compare.

2. Choose a model that you will use as the base model.

3. Simulate the base model, and open Smart Stats.

4. Click Add Model, click the + sign, locate the second model you need to compare with and click Open.

5. You should now see the second model listed. Click OK

6. You can now create a New Report and compare both models’ stats.

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