The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Customer-facing organizations encounter enormous pressure to keep or grow margins while maintaining service levels.  Staffing is often a black box handled by one person that dislikes the assignment. Staff planning is difficult on so many levels. There is an easier way.

ProcessModel’s new feature makes staffing a breeze. The VAO Staffing Planner does the following:

* Quickly sets up current shift schedules from a single page form.

* Assigns “resources to groups” and then to work assignments from a single page.

* Analyzes your system to show you the actual staffing needs as defined by the customer interactions.

* Shows the staffing needs in a graphical format.

* Updates the model with the new shifts and group assignments with one click.

* Determines the effect on service levels in just minutes.

* Allows changes for future planning on the one-page forms.

Determine the Actual Need

Over time, most systems have gravitated to developing shifts for employees needs rather than the needs of the customer. Some of this is difficult to see because of the dependencies between departments. If any department is not scheduled based on customer needs, then other interdependent departments will likely be scheduled poorly.

VAO Staffing Planner bokeh

bar chart info in VAO Staffing Planner

Each group of resources pictured above is dependent on each of the others in an Emergency department. If any one of the areas are improperly staffed, then all others are affected. The “other” areas can’t be staffed properly because a dependent area is improperly staffed.

The picture above illustrates staffing in an emergency department. The VAO Schedule Planner is useful in any industry requiring staffing groups of resources.

Identify Best Staffing to Meet Customer Needs. The VAO Staffing Planner automatically adjusts your model to collect the needed stats and rewrites action logic for correct resource assignment. Thirty samples provide a statistically important estimate of staffing needs. In this stage we identify the ideal staffing to meet the customer requests.

See Staffing Required

Graphs provide hour by hour requirements for each resource. The box and whisker charts show how the data skew, the potential upper and lower limits, and trends critical to staffing. Statistical information determines staffing requirements. These graphs become the foundation for the manual creation of shift assignments.

box and whisker in VAO Staffing PlannerThe Box and Whisker charts identify the staffing need for every hour of the day.

Try New Staff Schedules in Minutes

With the box and whisker chart in view, create the shift groupings. You enter the start and stop of each shift with the number of people. Schedule creation happens on one page so that you can see the number of FTE and how the shifts match the need. For example, Between the hours of 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM, four resources will meet the need more than 75% of the time. A single shift with four people starting at midnight and ending at 8 will meet the early morning needs. Not all shifts will be as easy to overlay on the pattern of the box and whisker charts, but this serves as pattern for how the process works.

excel file in VAO Staffing Planner

Assign workers within a shift to specific activities using another one-page matrix. A character in the cell intersecting the resource and the input queue assigns the resource to be in the group.

Action logic to assign resources automatically transfers to the proper activities. The logic makes certain that resources are rotated so the utilization is split evenly. You don’t need to draw complicated assignment lines or write any action logic. One of our users testing this model object said “The VAO Schedule Planner is easy-to-use, solves a real-life problem, and is powerful. This model object simplifies a task that we spend hours programming. Now it takes minutes.”

assignment matrix in VAO Staffing Planner

VAO Schedule Planner

How can I get a copy of the VAO Schedule Planner? This model object is free to all users with current maintenance and support. Go to the Model Objects menu and select Check for Updates.

Do you need a quote for maintenance and support? Contact us.