Reseller Program

The task of the reseller involves buying products in bulk, reselling them and collection of money from the customers.

Your expertise, combined with proven, low-cost, high-performance ProcessModel solutions, drives competitive advantage for our mutual customers and creates market demand.

ProcessModel’s process improvement products deliver practical business value for all size of businesses. With a well-established software, we provide premium products that will boost any reseller’s product mix. The product is easy to demonstrate with many built-in demo models and easy to assemble model objects. The animation draws people’s complete attention.

Why the Reseller Program will Work for You?

  • reseller program for processmodel simulation softwareProcessModel is valuable — we have saved our clients billions of dollars.
  • ProcessModel is easy to demonstrate and catches clients attention.
  • ProcessModel opens the door for other business, such as training, modeling services and consulting
  • Premium price points and high-quality products generate 40% margins.
  • Direct support and custom programs for resellers that are willing to explore creative ways of expanding sales.
  • Direct contact with the channel marketing manager — no automated replies.

How to Become a Reseller

  1. Submit the reseller application on the right.
  2. On approval become certified on ProcessModel.

Reseller Application

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