User's guide chapter 3 section 1 & 2

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Chapter 3 – Model Elements

Model Elements chart

3.1 – Data Entry Rules for Names & Numbers

ProcessModel requires names and numbers to be entered following some simple rules. You should be familiar with these conventions to ensure that valid entries are made in your model.


Using descriptive, but short, names is recommended. The name you enter in the properties dialog for a resource, for instance, could be used in Action logic. If the name is too long and cumbersome, entering the logic statements could become tedious. If the name is too short or cryptic, you may not remember what it is later. However, you are free to adopt your own naming convention within the limits of the following rules:

• All letters are case insensitive (“A” is the same as “a”).
• Only the letters A through Z (upper or lower case), the digits (0-9) and the underscores “_” may be used. No other symbols or characters may be used in ProcessModel names.
• Names must begin with a letter of the alphabet or an underscore “_”. (e.g. Item5 or _Item5, but NOT 3_Item).
• Names must be single words (use underscores “_” for spaces).
• DO NOT use hyphens, e.g., High-Color would be invalid.

If no name is assigned to an object, a default name will be assigned. Some words are reserved, using one of these words will result in an underscore being appended to the name.


When entering numbers as a constant or within an expression, you should follow these rules:

• Do NOT use commas. The number 2,984.43 should be entered as 2984.43.
• Enter negative numbers using the dash (e.g.-345.23, not (345.23) or )

All values, such as quantity and time values, may be expressed as a number such as 23.5 or 9.25.