How do I Schedule Appointments?

Appointment Scheduling

Arrivals occurring at specifically scheduled times such as office appointment schedules.

Suggested Technique

1. On the arrival connection’s properties sheet, select Scheduled from the Type pull-down box.

2. Click on the Define Schedule… button.

3. Use the Scheduled Arrivals dialog to define the appointment schedule (see example below).

Example: A dentist wants to model his office procedures including the appointment schedule to decrease patient waiting time. The appointment schedule is modeled using a Scheduled arrival with one patient arriving every half hour except during the noon hour.

TO DO: Create the Scheduled arrival connection. Click the Define Schedule button and create a schedule. Click the New button for each scheduled arrival. (Any changes to the edit fields are updated when you press the New button.)

  •  You can define action logic for each scheduled arrival entry. This is done in the lower half of the Scheduled Arrivals dialog. This is mainly useful to assign specific attribute values such as patient type.
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