Calculate SLA in Hours

When Will You Need This? When you need to to calculate SLA even if the entities are still in the model and to report entities achieving or not achieving SLA time. For example, in one company, time used in the calculation of the SLA is accumulated during the hours between 8AM and 5PM, on Monday [...]

High Volume Conveyor Section

When Will You Need This? When you need to mimic the behavior of a simple accumulating conveyor for high volume production that does not slow the simulation even while using large accumulating sections. The trade off is that you do not see every individual part on the conveyor, but the animation is fast. Conveyors accumulate [...]

Pull by Priority – Timed by Type

When Will You Need This? When you need to pull an entity by priority declared and time it by its type. Model Object The following model object can be found in the model objects directory: Flow Control \ Pull by Priority - Timed by Type. Ease of Use: Moderate Ease of Modification: Moderate How to [...]

Hold Tote Until Contents Removed

When Will You Need This? When the creating entity (parent) is not required to stay in the location until the created entities (children) have reach their destination. In the simulation, the order to create is issued, but may occur over minutes or ven hours. The parent leaves after the order is issued. This model object [...]

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