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Lean Thinking Creates Flow at Dry Cleaners

By using lean thinking as a tool, most companies can systemically and holistically optimize all of their processes. They must make the main flow of operations—from start to finish— visible and comprehensible to all employees. System visibility enables us to see the waste in processes we work on every day. […]

Maintaining Your Process Improvement Efforts

Sometimes the message just doesn’t get to the people that are most important. I called a few of our customers personally and found that the majority of them did not know about all the products and services we have to help you in maintaining your process improvement efforts. Below are a series of questions that [...]

Create Arrival Patterns for an ER

In a recent process improvement project, I was required to turn 6 months of arrival patterns information from an emergency room into entries for a simulation model. This is difficult because there is variability from week to week, Mondays are different from Fridays and there is significant variation throughout the day. […]

Process Improvement Using Less Resources

What would you think if your process improvement experts said: “we can remove 58% of a type of equipment that is often in shortage, provide better patient care, improve response time and never have a shortage again”? Yeah right! Well, that’s what happened. At The Hospital, PCA pumps were in shortage which created enormous frustration with [...]

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