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Disaster Arrivals Daily

When Will You Need This? To create arrivals according to a pattern when given only daily summary information. When you are given actual quantities on specific dates: AND you need the arrivals spread across the day   This model object takes actual daily arrivals summaries from past events and creates patterns of arrivals by hour of day. [...]

Daily Pattern Arrivals

When Will You Need This? Automatically analyses raw arrival data, creates distributions and imports the restructured data into ProcessModel.  You provide historical data for months of arrivals. This model object: 1. Analyses the data. 2. Shows a graphical summary of raw data. 3. Finds the arrival quantities for each day of the week. 4. Removes [...]

Create Arrival Patterns for an ER

In a recent process improvement project, I was required to turn 6 months of arrival patterns information from an emergency room into entries for a simulation model. This is difficult because there is variability from week to week, Mondays are different from Fridays and there is significant variation throughout the day. […]