The importance of using billboards to display critical Process Improvement data is as easy to understand as the use of a wheel. It just makes sense! These model objects allow you to display the value of any variable (or set of variables) dynamically during the process simulation. It takes only seconds to implement and can be customized to your need.

Process Improvement On Screen KPI Billboards Help You 3 Ways

A billboard used in a process improvement model at American Ordnance.

A billboard used in a process improvement model at American Ordnance.

1. Billboards for variables are an excellent tool for checking and debugging your model. In less than a minute you can set up a billboard to display multiple variables. If you add timed pauses to your model, you can stop the model and see the value of all critical variables in one place. This is a quick and easy method for checking complex logic in your model.

2. The output report at the end of a process simulation sometimes isn’t enough to fill in the mental gaps created from the simulation. A running bill board allows you to show model behavior throughout the simulation to help you make your point.

3. The Key Performance Indicators for the system can be shown dynamically during the process simulation. Upper level management loves to see the main focus the system maintained during the simulation project.   With the key performance indicators always in focus, the goal of the project is easy to keep aligned.

How Difficult is it to Implement Process Improvement Billboards?

It takes about 10 seconds per variable to implement. The process consists of inserting a model object, changing the name of the descriptive text and selecting the name of the variable from a drop down menu.

Where Can I Find Billboards?

Select Model Objects from the toolbar. Use the Select option to show a tree diagram of categories of model objects. In the Visual Indicator category you will see six model objects that start with “Display Variable.” The objects are in two different styles with 1, 5 and 10 variable displays. If you need to display 3 variables, select the option for 5 and delete 2 variable displays. If you need to display 12 variables insert the object for 10, then copy and paste the last 2 displays and align with the previous.

Be certain to update your model objects often. This week 7 new model objects were added to the list of more than 100.

Any variable can be displayed on the simulation layout with the new process improvement billboard model objects. These model objects allow for quick development of customized billboards to debug models and track key performance indicators. The visualization of key data just makes sense. It’s a sure way to improve your process improvement.