A ProcessModel package is invaluable during the creation of a process simulation. Packages are important because they contain all information for your process improvement project in a neat package. It is kind of like putting all the files associated with your project in a box. It is easy to store, easy to move and easy to give to someone else. Because all of the files are in the “box” it’s difficult for pieces to get lost or separated. And the boxes are easy to store, track  and secure in our online “warehouse,” process manager.

Process Simulation Package Automated

OK, model packages are important, what is the problem? In the past versions the creation of a package could be skipped because it was a manual step. After a file was saved you had the option to create a package, but some people didn’t. To be honest, it wasn’t just the customer for which this caused problems. The option allowing packaging to be skipped was bad for everyone, because it caused confusion and delays in transferring the correct information.

Process simulation files saved as .spg.

Process simulation files saved as .spg.

Now, every time you save a model the only file you see is the model package. There is just one file type. When you open a model you will just see one file type.

What about compatibility?

Update: This is no longer the latest version of ProcessModel, see the changelog for information on the latest software.

All files created in version 5.5 will work in 5.3, and all files created in version 5.3 will load seamlessly into version 5.5.

Error messages and dialogs automatically protect your process simulation files so that newer files won’t be overwritten. Automatic backups provide peace of mind during the creation a detailed process improvement project.

Hierarchical models are protected when making the new packages in version 5.5. All of the process simulation files are identified and securely saved in the new model package.

All of the new model objects use this same file extension so that you can quickly assemble pre-built segments of your model. Once again, because the file types are all compatible there is greater ease in understanding and manipulating the files for your models.

I hope you enjoy these new features designed to make your process simulation project go together faster, easier and with greater confidence.