One of the simplest things to do when process mapping is randomizing Resource GET order, it is also the most difficult one consider most people do not get it right on the first, second, or even the third time. Yet randomizing the Resource GET order is one of the most used scenarios while process modeling for process improvement process. When process modeling using business simulation software there will come a time when you have more than one Resource available at an Activity that can work on the Entity. The traditional use of OR between the Resource name does not evenly distribute the work load. We will try to solve this scenario here.

Creating Process Map

As this scenario only deals with one Activity and multiple Resources called within the same Activity, the process map should be created as per your desire/need, here we will concentrate on the logic that we build. For this scenario, consider there is one Entity coming in, using the default arrival route to a single Activity (Process) and then exiting the model, there are three Resources (Worker1, Worker2, Worker3) in the scenario.

Setting Arrivals

As with the process map the arrivals for this scenario are to be set up as per your modeling/scenario need. For this example scenario we will use the default arrival route and will use the industry standard business simulation software.

Declaring Attribute

We will need only one Integer Attribute in this scenario to evenly distribute the Entities to Resources (ex: a_Count).

Defining Routes

The scenario does not require any specific routes; you should create your routes as per your scenario needs and simulation software’s restrictions.

The Action Logic

The Action Logic for this scenario is as simple as it can get. You take the Attribute (ex: a_Count) and use a user defined 3 value distribution to set the value of the Attribute (ex: a_Count = D3(34,1,33,2,33,3)) now using the Attribute as reference and IF statements GET Resource (Worker1) if value of Attribute (a_Count) is 1 (ex: If a_Count = 1 Then Get Worker1 Or Worker2 Or Worker3), no if the value of Attribute (a_Count) is 2 then GET Resource (Worker2) (ex: If a_Count = 2 Then Get Worker2 Or Worker3 Or Worker1), Continuing if Attribute (a_Count) value is 3 the GER Resource (Worker3) (ex: If a_Count = 3 Then Get Worker3 Or Worker1 Or Worker2). If you have more Resources in your model use the same logic to add more, and use a different user distribution, next use the Time statement to set the time Entity uses the Resource (ex: Time(5 Min)), next free the Resource (ex: Free All).


As you can see that working on process improvement process in business simulation software is a relatively easy task and there are many different solutions to different problems. If this has helped you, then do leave a comment, if you need to know anything else let me know as well and I will try my best to cover it next time.