Model objects (MO) reduce the time to perform a process improvement project and increase simulation project quality. Think of MO as building blocks for your process improvement project. MO are pre-built segments of models that snap together and solve difficult simulation modeling problems.

Process Improvement with Easier Access

 In the past MO have been located on the website to allow for easy version control and updating. Not any longer. MO related to your industry install with ProcessModel. You will be notified when MO are out of date or new ones are available. You choose when to download new MO.

 MO are now easier to find with advanced searching capabilities on the main toolbar. If they are easier to find everyone wins. You get to learn from people that have already modeled what you are trying to learn for the first time, models assemble faster and those allusive company dollars become easier to recover.

 MO are now integrated exactly where you put the cursor. No more guessing or centering the layout to insert a MO. Simply point and click.

 Many MO have videos that explain what they do and how to implement. We found that one of the barriers to usage was not understanding the incredible capabilities of the advanced MO. The videos give deep insight into the benefits each MO provides to that you can quickly make a determination if the MO will work in your model.

 MO automatically integrate with your model, adding needed attributes, variables, scenario parameters and even rewriting logic to work with your existing logic.

 Some of the most difficult problems that you will encounter in simulation modeling can be solved in minutes with the new models objects for arrivals and routing. And if that is not enough, we may be willing to build a custom model object for you for free. Yes, you read that correctly. Let us help you develop a reusable portion of your model so that your process improvement project can save money faster.