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New Toolbars Speed Access

Process improvement is all about working effectively and efficiently. ProcessModel version 5.5 has added three new buttons to the new toolbar to help you do just that. The “simulation” button launches the simulation faster while the “model object” button provides easy access to hundreds of pre-built sections of models. The pre-built sections of models help you to build simulation models faster with greater confidence and higher quality.

Quick access to Model Objects, Simulation, and Explanations of models.

Quick access to Model Objects, Simulation, and Explanations of models.

A narrate button provides video and audio explanations of models and model objects. A tutorial of the process simulation provides prospective and deepens understanding, while a short video of a model object determines suitability for a particular business process improvement project.  The new button bar along with the changes listed below help your projects develop faster than ever.

Process Improvement in Other Areas

Industry Specific Changes — Process improvement specialized to your area of expertise.

Enhanced Error Identification — Reducing more than 100 possible errors that would slow a process simulation project.

Improved File Management — All files are captured and archived. Backups are automatically provided to make to secure your project.

Output Graphs Transfer — Detailed graphs with specific formatting transfer, saving precious process analysis time.

Deep rooted changes to ProcessModel are designed to make process improvement easier for all levels of users. We hope you enjoy the changes.

About the Author:

Scott Baird has been president of ProcessModel for more than 15 years. His focus has been to teach others how to improve processes dramatically. He has been successful in transferring these skills to over 200 companies, including ESPN, NASA, GE, Nationwide, Cendant, SSA and many more. Specialties: Group facilitation for process improvement, process design and simulation, simulation modeling, business management and training others to see opportunities. Scott loves to teach process improvement and has often been heard to say, “Of all the things I do, training others to improve processes is my favorite.” Scott is a father of four and a grandfather of eight. He is an avid woodworker, designing and creating presentation boxes. In his spare time, he volunteers in a college preparation program.


  1. Raymond C. Browning December 21, 2014 at 2:25 PM - Reply

    Scott, I like this new version. The features sound exciting. Scott, what to do with my old version?

    • Scott Baird December 22, 2014 at 8:18 AM - Reply

      Raymond, on installation of version 5.5, previous versions will be removed. All models created with previous versions will automatically upgrade.

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