When Will You Need This?

Use this Model Object when you need to represent the behavior of a manual centrifuge or multiple centrifuges. There can be one or more centrifuges automatically alternating cycles. The centrifuges can have Stat and Routine samples. The Stat samples process first. The system can have a dwell time, requiring the centrifuge to run if a specified time has elapsed, even if the full batch size isn’t complete


Model Object

The following Model Object will be used to represent the behavior of a manual centrifuge or multiple centrifuges: Lab \ Manual Centrifuge. Simply add the Model Object to your model and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your model.
  2. Insert this model object in your model.
  3. Entities going to the Centrifuge Queue need to be named Stat or Routine.
  4. Connect into the Centrifuge Queue, and connect out of the black Box.
  5. Change the scenario parameters starting with s_Cent to meet the needs of your model.

Functions the Scenario Parameters Perform

  • s_CentSpinMin1                          user input of how long the centrifuge spins (including spin slow down).
  • s_CentLoadSecPerItem1             user input of how many seconds to load or unload a sample in the centrifuge.
  • s_CentDwellMin1                         user input of how long to hold a group of samples if the batch size doesn’t complete.
  • s_CentCapacity1                         user input of the number of samples the centrifuge can hold.
  • s_CentUnitsAvail1                       users input of the number of centrifuge units available.

Manual-Centrifuge scenario parameters dialog

Advanced Topic

What if I have two or more centrifuges?

  • Change the scenario parameter “s_CentUnitsAvail1” to represent the number of centrifuges.

What if I use a separate centrifuge for Stat and another for Routine samples?

  1. Insert Manual Centrifuge model object a second time.
  2. Use the automatically created second set of scenario parameters to set the operating parameters of the second centrifuge.
  3. Send routine samples to the first centrifuge and stat samples to the second.

Routine and Stat Centrifuge separately