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How to simulate a model with ProcessModel

Simulation is one of the core elements of ProcessModel, creating and simulating a model is very easy with the advance tools that are provided with ProcessModel. This article is for new users that would like to learn how to simulate a basic demo model provided within the installation of ProcessModel.

Learn How to Simulate a Model with ProcessModel

  1. Start ProcessModel, and click the Open Demo Models icon Open Demo Models.
  2. Select any of the demo models in the list and click Open.
  3. Once the model has loaded, you will see the model in the layout window of ProcessModel. At this point click the Simulate button or click Simulation \ Save & Simulate, to simulate the model.
  4. On completion of the simulation a prompt will be displayed, clicking Yes will display the results of the simulation.

 ProcessModel Layout

ProcessModel Layout Help

About the Author:

Scott Baird has been president of ProcessModel for more than 15 years. His focus has been to teach others how to improve processes dramatically. He has been successful in transferring these skills to over 200 companies, including ESPN, NASA, GE, Nationwide, Cendant, SSA and many more. Specialties: Group facilitation for process improvement, process design and simulation, simulation modeling, business management and training others to see opportunities. Scott loves to teach process improvement and has often been heard to say, “Of all the things I do, training others to improve processes is my favorite.” Scott is a father of four and a grandfather of eight. He is an avid woodworker, designing and creating presentation boxes. In his spare time, he volunteers in a college preparation program.


  1. Jeremiah Livingston January 11, 2015 at 1:39 PM - Reply

    Dominick Fowler, I agree with you. This post helped a lot to understand basic demo model.

  2. Dominick Fowler November 21, 2014 at 9:16 PM - Reply

    I am a new user and this article helped me to learn how to simulate a basic demo model. Thanks Scott

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