An Activity that has a Dynamic Capacity

You would have thought that creating a dynamic capacity activity in ProcessModel simulation software would be as simple as declaring an attribute or a variable and using it as the capacity of the activity, it isn’t. There are a few reasons why this is, from what I think; the obvious reason could be that in [...]

Process Improvement in a Job Shop

Process improvement in a job shop is challenging and can be time consuming, but is doesn’t have to be. ProcessModel has introduced a new model object that reduces the time to model to a fraction of what it was in the past. This model object also provides a way to  import new data in seconds. [...]

Moving Things in the Right Direction

Making entities flow in the right direction is one of the keys to Process Simulation. It sounds too simple, and it is simple, but it is also true! You have to define how different types of entities move through your model to represent the real system. When you add many entities with unique routing this [...]

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