Tasks Waiting for Input — Argh!

Out of all the business process improvement problems we deal with, tasks waiting for input are the most frustrating. The ones I’m talking about are when you have 50 insurance policies that you are trying to underwrite and each one is waiting on some information from a variety of resources. Before completion, [...]

Visual Indicators Transmit Key Information

Visual indicators are used to to display status information during a process simulation. Yeah, yeah, but why? Well, the type of decisions we are making with simulation are not of the “which type of toilet paper should we use” variety. If the decision requires simulation it is generally complex with many relationships that have been difficult to understand [...]

Number One Blunder Process Improvement

The truth is, the main reasons a business can’t design and implement responsible and effective improvement programs aren’t that mysterious. In fact, a review of current literature shows that, in the aggregate, there are probably three characteristics to improvement programs that have fallen short of the mark. […]

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