US Government on Biometrics Process Improvement

The US military saved 40 million dollars from a process improvement project using process simulation. When a combatant bomb explodes (similar to what happened at the Boston Marathon) in Afghanistan, the pieces are gathered up, scanned and sent to an advanced biometrics process improvement group in the United States. […]

Reducing Weapons from the World Stockpiles

With the end of the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union began dismantling thousands of nuclear weapons. This dismantlement resulted in large quantities of surplus weapons-usable highly enriched uranium and plutonium. This creates a huge problem – plutonium is one of the most expensive materials on earth, by far the most [...]

Lead With Process Improvement – ProcessModel

Irrespective of what type of a company you work in, management is seeking a better way of identifying the best projects — projects that will make difference in the bottom line of the company. This manual shows how…how to capture, how to find the problem areas and how to improve your processes. You will finally [...]

NAVY Launches Training Changes with Simulation

The central objec­tive includes more quickly and accurately forecasting and justifying manpower, per­sonnel, and training requirements to ensure the training readiness of the Navy in the most efficient and effective manner. A three-phased strategy was developed to accomplish this effort. […]

UCLA Chooses ProcessModel Process Simulation Software for MBA Program

UCLA Anderson MBA program selected ProcessModel process simulation software to replace existing simulation products. The main criteria were the power of ProcessModel’s analysis capability coupled with a short learning curve. Students can become capable of using the software quickly with a only a self-guided tutorial. […]

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