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VAO Staffing Planner

The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time Customer-facing organizations encounter enormous pressure to keep or grow margins while maintaining service levels.  Staffing is often a black box handled by one person that dislikes the assignment. Staff planning is difficult on so many levels. There is an easier way. ProcessModel’s new feature [...]

ProcessModel Helps Revolutionize Mortgage

Since The Company began in 1968, it has helped more than 30 million families achieve the American dream of homeownership. To be successful in today’s competitive battlefield of business, companies must understand the way functional areas, such as loan production and servicing, contribute to the bottom-line; and be prepared for the changing competitive landscape in [...]

Air Force Base Hits Refueling Target

When an Air Force Base* was faced with the challenge of increasing throughput of a refueling system with 50% less hydrants due to reconstruction, they turned to ProcessModel. Using ProcessModel technology, an optimum solution was found that saved taxpayer money, serviced existing traffic and provided additional capacity for the future. […]

Number One Blunder Process Improvement

The truth is, the main reasons a business can’t design and implement responsible and effective improvement programs aren’t that mysterious. In fact, a review of current literature shows that, in the aggregate, there are probably three characteristics to improvement programs that have fallen short of the mark. […]

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