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Advance Options for Action Logic Window

Keyboard shortcuts for the action logic window. Command Key Magnify text size. Ctrl+Keypad+ Reduce text size. Ctrl+Keypad- Restore text size to normal. Ctrl+Keypad/ Open Keywords and Filters. Ctrl+K Show autocomplete. Ctrl+Enter Show Calltip. Ctrl+Shift+Space Print. Ctrl+P Undo. Ctrl+Z, Alt+Back Redo. Ctrl+Y, Alt+Shift+Back Cut. Ctrl+X, Shift+Del Copy. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins Paste. Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins Select All. [...]

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Model Objects Update Fails

Update to the Model Objects fails after click Model Objects \ Check for Updates with the following prompt: Title: ProcessModel Update Message: ProcessModel was unable to connect to the server at this time, please try again later. Reason: The above prompt is usually received when the user is not connected to the internet or access to [...]

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Properties Dialog Does Not Show Correctly

The Properties Dialog does not show properly when I start ProcessModel with any model. Answer: The default language in Windows is not set to English, please change the default language for Windows to English to fix the situation. If you need further help, please contact support.

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Graphics Do Not Show During Simulation

When simulating a model, the graphics do not show up during simulation. Answer: The reason for the situation can be that the .glb file that is contained within the .SPG is missing some information, in order to regenerate the .glb file follow the instructions below. Move any object in your model for one pixel, or more. [...]

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Prompt: An unsupported operation

When trying to run SimRunner, the following error is encountered: An unsupported operation was attempted. An unsupported operation was attempted. iGrafx executable is not responding. Reason: There is a known incompatibility between Sequel Viewpoint and SimRunner on ProcessModel. Solution: The issue can be resolved by replacing the GSW files that are overwritten [...]

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Prompt: Run-Time Error (Graphic ID)

A run-time error is received during the simulation start saying "Run-Time Error (Graphic ID *#* In GRAPHIC statement exceeds the number of defined graphics.)." Reason: The reason for this happening is when a user adds the NEWGRAPHIC() Action Logic at the Arrival Route. Solution: Please remove the NEWGRAPHIC() Action Logic from the arrival route and place it [...]

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Prompt: Code LP5

Receiving the following error “Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author.” When ProcessModel is ran. Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report toauthor. Reason: This error is usually received when limited hard disk space is available or there are bad sectors in the hard drive. Solution: In cases where hard disk [...]

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Prompt: Node Translation

When I attempt to simulate, I receive the following prompt: Dialog Heading: Translator Exception Message: Error: A translation Error occurred Chart:*ACTIVITY name* Pass: Node Translation State: Node Translation Reason: An activity in a sub-model has a duplicate name with an activity in another sub-model. Example: Submodel1 and submodel3 have an activity called “Inspect.” Solution: You can easily [...]

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Reserved Words

What reserved words are used by the system that cannot be used to name entities, activities, variables, attributes, scenario parameters, etc. The following words are reserved by the system and cannot be used as variable names, attributes, or scenario parameters. using these reserved words will result in a simulation error. Rather than use a reserved word directly an [...]

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Prompt: Server Busy

A "Server Busy" prompt may be received in any of the following cases: An object is added to the layout window. When a model is saved. When a model is simulated. Server BusyThis action cannot be completed because the otherprogram is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate thebusy program and correct the problem. Reason: [...]

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